Life’s better outside!

Especially in Saskatchewan, where you can enjoy hiking or camping at one of our pristine provincial lakes or an active afternoon at your neighbourhood park.

SunSmart SunSmart

It's true, we have an abundance of sunshine to enjoy. But too much of a good thing can be harmful. Ultraviolet Radiation from the sun can cause skin damage and skin cancer.

About Sun Smart Saskatchewan

At Sun Smart Saskatchewan we want you to make sun safety a priority. We’ll remind you of simple actions you can take to protect yourself and your family. And we believe that the places you live, work and play should be safe too: with sun safe policies and practices in place. Your child’s Early Learning Centre should have a policy that ensures your child is safe when playing outdoors. Your city parks, pools and splash pads should be designed with shade in mind so that you can enjoy them safely. We provide information, resources and training to help make these community settings sun safe. And we take it a step further to inform policy at provincial level. Sun Smart is the trusted, local, and supported source for the most relevant policy information on UVR & Sun Safety.


Our Vision

Aware and engaged communities throughout Saskatchewan actively preventing skin cancer.

Sun Smart Saskatchewan is a coalition of partners committed to the prevention of skin cancer in the province. Members bring their unique perspectives together to identify and address priority areas for the prevention of skin cancer. Members include:

  • Medical Health Officer’s Council of Saskatchewan
  • Saskatchewan Dermatology Advisors
  • Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
  • Managers of Public Health Nursing Services of Saskatchewan
  • Ministry of Health (ex-officio)
  • First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada
  • Canadian Cancer Society, Saskatchewan Division
  • University of Saskatchewan, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
  • Regional Health Authorities

A message from our chair.

“Sun Smart Saskatchewan is growing and evolving – entering new media, reaching out to new partners and audiences, and reimagining our brand. It was time for a refreshed website. We believe our updated website will help draw people into the essence of our brand – because Sun Smart is positive and empowering. It’s about enjoying life outside and everything Saskatchewan has to offer, and doing so safely.  So read on, learn, and get inspired!”

- Dr. Michael Schwandt

Message from our chair

Sun Smart Saskatchewan has a new look!

The symbol represents two halves of our personality: Sun(FUN) and SMART.

The vibrant yellow represents our spirited, youthful, FUN and fresh characteristics. We value vitality, play and exploration. We believe having fun and seeking adventure outdoors are important to a happy, vibrant life.

The gray waves represent Ultraviolet Radiation (UVA and UVB rays). This half of the symbol represents the SMART side of our personality; our credible, informative, and well-researched characteristics. We value evidence to inform program planning and skin cancer prevention strategies. We seek to increase knowledge, attitudes and adoption of sun smart behaviours.

The diagonal line between these two halves represents protection. We value health and safety. We believe skin cancer prevention is important and possible.

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