Early Childhood Education

You can help prevent skin damage and lower the risk of skin cancer!

Get an Early Start on Sun Safety

Sun Safety for the Early Years

Early Childhood Educators can play an important role in protecting children from the sun’s rays.

Children have sensitive skin, and much of their lifetime exposure to UVR is accumulated in the first 18 years of their life. By protecting their skin now and teaching them sun safety habits, you can make a positive difference in their health for life.

You can prevent skin damage and lower their risk of skin cancer later in life.

Learn more about practicing sun safety here.

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Online Training for Early Childhood Educators

Sun Smart Saskatchewan is the trusted source for sun safety information, inspiration and resources for Early Childhood Educators in Saskatchewan. Our new online training opportunity brings all of those elements together in one convenient online platform.

Learn about skin cancer and Ultraviolet Radiation, sun protection methods, and easy and practical ways to build sun safety into your daily routine as Early Childhood Educators.

Begin the training anytime and work at your own pace until you have completed all of the modules. The training should take approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Sun Smart Tools

Make Sun Safety a Priority

Practicing sun safety becomes so much easier when you build it into a regular routine, when families are engaged, when you’re inspired to create sun safety learning experiences for children, and when a policy is in place. Download these resources to help make sun safety stick.

Make it routine

Check the UV and plan outdoor activities before 11:00am and after 3:00pm when practical. Remember you’re a role model! Reinforce the principles of Slip, Slap, Slop, Seek, Slide! Download our kids sheet.

Create engaging opportunities

Utilize play and learning experiences that reinforce sun safe practices. Download activity resources:

Group Discussion: All about the Sun!

Sun Safety Web

Dressing for the Seasons – Felt Activity

Decorate a Shirt or Hat

Shadow Games

Sunscreen Sensory Invitation

Sun Smart Dramatic Play

ask about sun safety policy

Does your centre have a sun safety policy in place? If not, find out why.

Sun Smart Policy Checklist