Indoors these beads are white. When you take them outside they will turn a vibrant colour right before your eyes! If you cover them they will turn back to white.

But how? It’s not magic… it’s UVR!

These UV-beads are sensitive to UVR from the sun and they will change colour to let you know when you are exposed to the sun’s rays.

Make a UV-Bracelet:

Make and wear a UV-Bracelet and you’ll always know when you are exposed to the sun’s rays and in need of protection. When the beads are colourful you will be reminded to wear a hat, clothing and sunscreen to keep your skin safe.

Tip: Make your UV-bracelet outside if you would like to know what colours you’re using.

The instructions below explain how to make a UV-bracelet with a sliding knot, but feel free to use any other bracelet techniques you may know.

1) String the beads one-by-one onto the cord, being careful to hold the opposite end of the cord so that the beads don’t slide off.

2) Once all 15 beads are on the cord, cross the left side of the cord over the right side and hold in place with the thumb and pointer finger of your left hand.

3) Using your right hand, take the top cord and wrap it 2-3 times around the bottom cord and the tip of your finger (so that there is room to thread the cord through!).

4) Cross the cord back over and thread it through the tunnel from left to right and pull until tight.

5) Now you can put on your wrist and pull one side of the cord to adjust the size.

6) To finish, tie small knot on either end of the cord and trim the excess with scissors.

Request a sample of UV-Beads and cord to make your own bracelet at home!