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UVR at the pool

A summer day in Saskatchewan is well spent at your local outdoor pool.

Exposure to UVR is a concern at the pool because:

  • You’re likely to use a pool when the UV is high during the Critical Protection Period (between 11:00am-3:00pm in the summer months
  • You’re likely to spend your time at the pool in minimal protective clothing because of the nature of the activity (swimming).
  • UVR is reflected off the water and other common surfaces found around the pool (a concrete pool deck, for example).

Remind pool patrons and little swimmers to practice sun safety at the pool by hanging our pool poster or sharing our *new colouring pages – coming soon!.

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Sun Smart Lifeguards

As outdoor workers, lifeguards working at outdoor pools are 2.5 – 3.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer.

Lifeguards are also at risk for developing heat stress.

Sun Smart Tools

How we can help

We’re here to help. Sun Smart Saskatchewan offers a range of supports to help pools across Saskatchewan provide a safe working environment for their lifeguards.

Get educated with your staff!

Watch our video with your lifeguards to help them become aware of the risks and the ways to stay safe on the job this summer.

Use our Video Discussion Guide to take the learning further.

Request a Presentation

We’ll come to you! Do you have an orientation day or staff meeting planned? Sun Smart will deliver the training at your pool. Contact us to book a training!

Remind your staff!

Hang this Sun Smart Lifeguard Poster in your staff room. Don’t forget to post the UV Index daily and put this poster in a highly visible spot. If you didn’t already receive a larger version of poster and an erasable version of the UV Index poster in the mail, let us know! We would be happy to mail one to you. Request a printed poster.

Make it fun!

Make sun safety fun with these ideas to Motivate Your Staff.

(Resources were adapted with permission from Sun Safety at Work Canada. For more resources check out their website)

Make Sun Safety part of your OHS strategy

Awareness and personal protection measures are great, but there is so much more we can do to provide a safe work environment. Sun exposure is an occupational exposure and should be treated like any other hazard in the workplace.

Read these tips and ideas to get started!

Find your baseline

Complete a Baseline Assessment from our partner at Sun Safety at Work Canada.

Want to know where your pool is at and where there are opportunities for improvement? Sun Smart can walk you through the assessment and help you brainstorm solutions. Contact us for details or download the assessment to do it yourself.

Take Action

Download the Guide for Managers to help you make your pool a safe place to work. What are engineering controls? Administrative controls? We break it down for you and give you examples of actions to take at the pool.

make it stick

Download the list of Policy Considerations.

Solar UV and heat illness safety should be incorporated into your regular OHS system. A policy is at the core of a model sun safety program.

Depending on the size and regulatory structure of each pool, pool managers may have the authority to enact a sun safety policy.

ask for help

For support to review your existing policy to help starting from scratch, get in touch with us!

(Resources were adapted with permission from Sun Safety at Work Canada. For more resources check out their website.